2017 Bookings

January 1st Tyler & Syrel’s Winter Wedding
January 14th The Morton Wedding
January 20th The Hanson Wedding
February 11th The Munden Wedding
February 25th The Rogers Wedding
March 4th The Martinez Wedding
March 11th The Thorson Wedding
March 18th The Bell Wedding
March 25th The Janke Wedding
April 1st Trevor & Jaimee’s Wedding
April 8th The Santee Summers Wedding
April 9th The Smiley Wedding
April 15th The Wallace Wedding
April 22nd The Goldenberger Wedding
April 29th The Kaut Wedding
May 13th The Bradburn Wedding
May 20th The Holloway Wedding
May 27th The Marshall Wedding
June 3rd The Burrill Wedding
June 10th The Hoecker Wedding
June 17th The Atz Wedding
June 24th Stephanie & Amber
July 1st The Angwood Wedding
July 8th The Moran Wedding
July 15th The Breece Wedding
July 16th The Ivey Wedding
July 22nd Available
July 23rd The Hughes Wedding
July 29th The Nikula Wedding
July 30th The Jasperson Wedding
August 5th The Barrett Wedding
August 6th Cayleyana & Austin
August 12th The Cleveland Wedding
August 13th The Tate Date
August 19th The Kaiser Wedding
August 26th Mike and Katt’s wedding
August 27th Nathan Putman & Erin Clanton
September 2nd The Zion Wedding
September 3rd The Hughes Wedding
September 9th The Neel Clark Wedding
September 10th The Jewell Wedding
September 16th Ashley & David
September 23rd The Dell Wedding
September 24th The Ehlig Wedding
September 30th The Williamson Wedding
October 7th the Neumann Wedding
October 14th The Worley Wedding
October 31st The Peters Wedding
November 4th The Crowson Wedding
November 11th The Nichols Wedding
November 18th The Ferrier Wedding
December 1st Pepsi Co Christmas Party
December 8th Century 21 Christmas Party
December 30th The Dalton Wedding

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