The Blue Earth Farms Project

September 2015 CC Grow Booth Now open on campus!
Our collaboration with the TEEN Program @ Centralia Collegs is starting another year! Farmers Market is open kids are beginning the harvest 🙂 We are excited to be able to work with the program more than ever before! For more details go to

The Blue Earth Farms Project was established in 2007. We have never received federal grant funding. Support efforts are strictly volunteer. Local grant funding received is used for materials needed by students. With a desire to work with the kids & families in our community and share the farm with its unique, hands on learning environment, we began hosting field trips and providing outreaches into the schools, sharing hands on educational opportunities surrounding the health of the environment, and our community members. The topics covered range from nutrition to renewable energies with lots in the middle!  Our goal is to continue to expand the program, providing enrichment to our youth, thus the impetus to begin hosting events. Proceeds support the program. For more information find us on facebook for most updated information and check out

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